Philidas® Industrial Nuts Grade 8 Steel Zinc & Yellow Passivated ISO8098


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Philidas® industrial nuts are an all metal locking hexagon nut designed to have a friction grip between the nut and bolt threads. Philidas are the leading all-metal self-locking nut manufacturer in the world, specialising in the design and manufacture of self-locking nuts for numerous industrial and domestic applications, including automotive, railways (specified by Network Rail and other OEM’s for use in safety critical applications), earth moving equipment, electrical applicances, off highway vehicles, mining and aerospace.

Philidas® Industrial Locknuts are an all-metal, one-piece nut with a collar hosted above the hexagon. It has two slots in the same plane cut in the collar and the metal about the slots is set to de-pitch the threads. Philidas nuts lock at any position on a bolt and are, therefore, the most convenient and practical fastening method for modern industry, particularly where vibration is a problem. They also help reduce assembly time, are less expensive and use fewer components than alternative methods.

Suitable for use in high or low temperature conditions and the locking performance is unaffected by oil, petrol and other liquids or vapours. A low prevailing torque can be applied on multiple occasions before it is no longer re-usable.


M10, M12, M20

Head Drive


Item Finish

Zinc+Yellow Passivated


Steel Grade 8




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