Kit Packing Service

For customers who require products to be pre-packed into kits, Alfast can provide this facility through our renowned Kit Packing Service.  Alfast specialises in the assembly and packing of a variety of components into bespoke kits, tailored to the customers’ requirements.


We offer a kitting service to either bag or place into compartment boxes, a selection of products in small quantities to form a kit and can, at the customer’s request, provide a list of the products contained in the kit.  All our kits are hand packed and contain multiple items and combinations of size and materials.

Kit packing is used to satisfy a variety of purposes.  Where components are needed at the point of assembly, a complete kit can be delivered to this area with everything included. This eliminates the time taken to draw up a list and remove these items from your stores area.  It also eliminates the need to store each component individually.

Where spares or maintenance packs need to be sent to customers, why not buy and store the components already packed as a kit to deliver to your customers.

How does our kit packing service work?

Our kitting service is inclusive of component sourcing, inspection, packing and labelling.  Each kit is fully traceable and produced using standard operating procedures.  To maximise the benefits gained from our kitting service, Alfast will work with you to produce a kit tailored and delivered to meet your requirements.

Once you have decided which kits you want to have assembled, we then compile a bill of materials. This will include the item quantity, the item description and the agreed cost per item.  The bill of materials is checked and signed by the customer to validate the contents and the price agreed is correct.

Alterations to the cost can only be affected by increases in item costs. These have to be accepted by the customer and a new bill of materials validated and signed.  Alfast then purchases all the items at the agreed prices and we begin assembling the kits.

Our checking system

To give added assurance to our customers, all bags and kits assembled are checked through our checking system for quality, quantity and item accuracy and meet our customers’ requirements prior to despatch.

Why outsource to Alfast?

By outsourcing your packing and kit assemblies to Alfast, customers can benefit from:

  • only one supplier required
  • only one order is required to be raised
  • only order what you require
  • no storage issues
  • easier stock taking
  • forward planning made easier
  • achieving significant cost savings through:
    • no more multiple component stock checks
    • only complete kits need to be stock checked
  • achieving savings in production time through:
    • freeing up labour for more profitable tasks
    • freeing up packing areas for more profitable work

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