JCP M8 X 80 Throughbolts Stainless Steel A4/316 Grade ETA Option 7

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The Stainless Steel Throughbolt is grade A4/316. It is the ultimate “through fixing” with the hole diameter as the bolt diameter. It is ideal for bolting in place awkward fixtures without the need for marking out, removal and repositioning. The torque controlled Throughbolt is a stainless steel high performance anchor suitable for use in non-cracked concrete and structural applications such as: facades, gates, guard rails, cable trays, staircases, ladders and cantilevers.
Base Material: Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, non-cracked concrete.
Features: High performance, corrosion resistance, fast and secure installation, through fixing, three-way expansion sleeve, close spacing and edge distance, reduced embedment depth.
ETA Option 7 Non-Cracked Concrete and CE Approved.

Thread Diameter


Anchor Length


Thread Length


Max. Fixture Thickness


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Stainless Steel A4/316


Stainless Steel A4/316

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