Kits & Packing Service

Alfast has several customers who ask us to pack and supply kits to their specific order requirements.  For customers who require goods to be pre-packed, Alfast can provide this facility through our renowned Packing and Kits Services, all to the customer’s requirements.

Packing Service

We can offer our customers a pre-packed bagging service to their particular requirements and can include labelling, customer part numbers and logos if required.  All pre-packed bags are checked through our quality checking system prior to despatching to our customers.


We also offer our customers a kitting service to either bag or place into compartment boxes, a selection of products in small quantities to form a kit and can, at the customer’s request, provide a list of the products contained in the kit. 

Our checking system

To give added assurance to our customers, all pre-packed bags assembled through our Packing Service, and bags and kits assembled through our Kits Service, are checked through our checking system for quality and quantity accuracy and meet our customers’ requirements prior to despatching to our customers.

Why outsource to Alfast?

By outsourcing your packing and kit assemblies to Alfast, customers can benefit by achieving significant cost savings and production time.  Please contact our Sales Office for further information and a quotation.